We Love Kids!

We want our youngest patients to look forward to coming to the dentist and feel confident throughout their visit. To ease your child’s anxiety or fear, we offer a variety of patient amenities in the waiting room and we always use kid-friendly language in our treatment rooms. If needed, we can also provide “laughing-gas” (Nitrous Oxide) for children who need a restorative procedure or for those that have high levels of anxiety or fear. Dr. Duque takes extra time to get to know our pediatric patients, including their interests and hobbies outside of the dental office. This helps us establish a trusted relationship with your child and foster a positive and more comfortable dental visit. During your child’s appointment, we will educate your child on the proper ways to care for their teeth and the importance of a healthy smile. At Tuscany Dental Care, we can make it fun to go to the dentist!

Contact us today to schedule your child’s dental appointment. The American Dental Association recommends that parents bring children to the dentist for their first visit soon after the first baby tooth erupts. We know that finding a dentist that you trust with your child is a major decision. Therefore, if you would like to setup a complimentary initial consultation with Dr. Duque, we are happy to do so.