Digital X-Rays

Our office uses digital imaging to take x-rays of your teeth and the surrounding bone. This protects the comfort and safety of our patients while giving us the most accurate images to diagnose dental problems. Digital x-rays are the most preferred choice in modern dental imaging. They allow Dr. Duque to instantly view multiple pictures of your teeth and jaw and use video enhancements to modify the images when appropriate. In cases when a specialist is involved, these digital images are easily transferred to the referred practice.

Not only does digital x-rays facilitate better diagnostics and treatment with its clear easily accessed images, but patients also benefit from the remarkable convenience, safety and comfort that digital imaging has to offer. Instead of film, the x-ray machine uses a sensor that is placed next to the area being x-rayed. They emit only a fraction of the amount of radiation compared to traditional x-ray film. It is safe for both children and adults. Furthermore, a complete set of x-rays can be taken in less than 7 minutes.
At Tuscany Dental Care, we are proud to use the most advanced equipment and technology in general dentistry so that our patients can take advantage of the best experience possible. When it comes to monitoring, restoring or enhancing your smile, we adopt the methods that ultimately save our patients time in the dental chair, both now and in the future.

If you would like to learn more about our sophisticated digital imaging system or schedule an appointment, please contact Tuscany Dental Care today.