Broken or Cracked Tooth?

Your teeth are the hardest substance in your entire body, but you can still get a cracked or broken tooth.

Teeth can crack or break from:

  • Car accidents
  • Severe falls
  • Hard food like ice or hard candy.
  • Tooth grinding
  • Tooth decay

At Tuscany Dental Care, we repair cracked, broken or chipped teeth with a variety of methods, just depending on the type of damage.

Dr. Duque is skilled in general dentistry, as well as restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  In fact, she has been fixing smiles for over 30 years. Repairing teeth is an art form and Dr. Duque is a master at making it look like the damage never happened!  

You repair will look totally natural.

We’ll help you regain the confident smile you deserve.

At Tuscany Dental Care, many of our restorative dental procedures can be completed in a single office visit. We give patients every opportunity to get their smile repaired conveniently and effectively.


What’s the difference between a cracked tooth and a broken tooth?

Unless you have a large tooth fracture, your cracked tooth may not produce any symptoms or you may only have pain when chewing. However, a cracked tooth always needs professional attention, regardless of whether or not you are experiencing discomfort.

There are varying degrees of tooth damage- from a chip to a serious break, crack or split treatments will vary.

A little chip in the tooth might not affect the nerves of the tooth and might be a cosmetic fix, but you should still get it checked out so it doesn’t grow into a fracture.

Minor cracks, also called craze lines, are cracks that occur just on the enamel of the tooth and can often be buffed out by your dentist.

A crack that goes beyond the enamel cannot be repaired at home and needs professional attention asap.  The faster you see your dentist, the more likely it is that your tooth can be saved. You’ll save money by taking care of it sooner than later.

You’ll know your fracture is severe if you bite down hard and feel nothing, but have sudden, sharp pain when you release.


Cracked tooth symptoms:

If you experience any of these symptoms, you probably have a cracked tooth and should get it checked out:

  • Sharp pain when you bite down but quickly disappears
  • Pain that comes and goes
  • Pain that shows up when eating or drinking

Sometimes the crack is too small to see or show up on x-ray, so try to determine which tooth or teeth are giving you trouble to help us find the damage.

Why is a cracked tooth so painful?

When you have a crack in your tooth, the internal pulp of the tooth and the nerves of the tooth get exposed to air, pressure, food and water.  Only a dentist can determine if nerve damage has occurred.

How to repair a cracked or broken tooth

In the majority of cases, Dr. Duque can fix your cracked or chipped tooth with simple dental bonding.

This is ideal for patients who need minor repairs on the enamel (outer layer) of their tooth. Our dental bonding is a tooth-colored composite resin material, which is quickly applied and gives natural and long-lasting results.

For patients who have more extensive tooth damage, a root canal and/or dental crown may be suggested in order to address a potential infection and fully restore the form and integrity of the tooth. In other cases, porcelain veneers may used for larger tooth cracks that are on the front, more visible teeth. Dr. Duque will determine which restorative treatment plan is most appropriate for you based on your specific situation.

During cracked tooth repair at Tuscany Dental Care, your comfort comes first. Our office features modern patient amenities, a friendly staff and the latest technology for gentle dentistry. We also offer options in sedation dentistry to ensure your visit is as painless as possible. If your chipped, cracked or broken tooth is causing sensitivity or discomfort, please let us know so that we can see you promptly. Neglecting to address minor dental problems can quickly progress to more serious and costly complications.

To schedule an appointment for your cracked tooth, please contact Tuscany Dental Care in San Antonio today. We believe your smile deserves the very best.


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