Cleanings & Checkups

Did you know that your dental health can have a serious impact on your overall health and quality of life? That’s why we are diligent about providing top quality general dentistry at Tuscany Dental Care. Our routine cleanings and checkups can ensure your smile stays polished, bright and healthy through all stages of life. We have two registered dental hygienists and an experienced family dentist who are here on a daily basis. The frequency of your dental cleanings will be determined based on your unique oral health needs, which includes your specific risk factor for gum disease. A patient with a history of gum disease may come in every 3 months while others may only require coming in every 9 months. Regardless of how often we see you, you can trust we will work hard to create an experience that is comfortable and rewarding every time.

The benefits of a routine professional teeth cleaning are significant. Your willingness to brush and floss regularly in addition to seeing your dentist periodically are important factors in maintaining your oral health. However, you may be asking yourself why you should visit your dentist often when you’re taking great care of your teeth and gums? The truth is, a professional cleaning can ensure those hard-to-reach areas of the mouth are not left vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. Coming in for a routine cleaning can provide advantages ranging from preventing tooth loss to eliminating bad breath. As your dedicated dental provider, we watch for early signs of problems and we use the most advanced diagnostic equipment available. This helps patients avoid costly services like tooth decay restoration, periodontal treatment and even tooth replacement.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

When performing a comprehensive dental exam, we take a meticulous approach to all aspects of your oral health. This includes periodic digital x-rays, gum health monitoring, oral cancer screenings and more. If needed, we also use intraoral cameras and DIAGNOdent cavity detection to accurately reveal problems that may compromise your smile. We always include a professional cleaning to complete your routine dental visit. This type of cleaning is the only way to remove hardened plaque and stubborn tooth stains and give you the refreshed and brilliant smile you deserve.

If it has been several months (or even years) since you have been to the dentist, you will find compassionate and non-judgmental service here at Tuscany Dental Care. In fact, we are a relationship-based practice that values the importance of treating the patient behind the smile. We perform top quality dental checkups and cleanings for patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics. We also accept dental insurance and offer a Quality Dental Plan for patients who are uninsured. Your smile is one of your most valuable assets; give it the attention it deserves. Contact us and schedule your teeth cleaning today in San Antonio.