• Gum Disease

    by Nancy Duque | January 9, 2017

    You woke up this morning and checked the scale and mirror. Everything looks and feels great, physically speaking. You chose a smoothie for breakfast filled with protein, fruits and veggies. In the evening you made the choice to go for a run because it’s good for your heart. You are careful to get plenty of […]

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  • Jingles For Brushing

    by Nancy Duque | December 8, 2016

    December is a time when most Americans break from their normal routines, and take time to celebrate, reflect and enjoy the traditions cherished since childhood! How many of you attend the Nutcracker year after year? Maybe you have feasts, or bake your favorite cookies and treats. Do you play special Christmas music or carol around […]

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  • 3 Secrets To Dental Gratefulness

    by Nancy Duque | November 4, 2016

    The month of November is marked by gratefulness. During Thanksgiving feasts, people look back and examine all that this past year provided for them. At dental offices around the country, it’s a time to look at dental care with gratefulness.   We’d like to share with you three secrets to how you can experience dental gratefulness […]

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